Friday, May 14, 2010

Night clubs are suppose to be fun...right?

So you spent some $20 for cover, $5 or $10 if you're smooth like my roommate and talk the front desk person into letting us in for cheap since it's "someone's" birthday. After the awkward shouting of names into each other's ears in a poor attempt to introduce yourselves and buying a round of terribly expensive shots; Single girls dance among themselves ignoring most guys that attempt to get close, and the single guys go hunting groups of girls like the aforementioned. Oh the couples you ask? Honestly I have no idea why they're even there.

Notice how it's usually the guys that get terribly wasted at the end of the night? The more they fail at getting girls to dance with them, the more drinks they buy in an attempt loosen up and go for it again. The girls on the other hand dance in their little circle of boring, fueled by the little jolts of excitement from rejecting the poor guys attempting the dance with them. The cycle repeats itself until whatever happens next. Usually they all go home, most of the time by themselves.

That's national past time of seniors and super senior college students and young professionals in a nut shell. Characterized by mostly loud music, expensive alcohol, ridiculous cover price, flashing lights, a lot of uninteresting girls, and mostly horny men.

I've done this whole clubbing thing for a while now. Not because I enjoy it, but among a majority of my friend, that's the thing to do on a Friday/Saturday night. For a while I just went with the flow and didn't ask too many questions. Like what the fuck are we here for? Meet girls? Dance? or just drink massive amounts of alcohol and act retarded? I can only remember a few times that I didn't stand on the dance floor at about 3AM, $150+ down, questioning myself and this whole clubbing thing.

Sure I've had fun at clubs. Much less than I'd care to admit though. I just never quite grasped the hype in going out to a club. I'd much rather sit at a sports bar, pub or a lounge, sip a wine or beer, and talk meaningful or even meaningless shit with friends while watching basketball on a big screen TV or listen to that live jazz fusion band.

The point of getting together with friends and friends of friends is to mingle, strike a conversation with that girl you find attractive, joke around, play drinking games and tell stories. Isn't that more fun than trying to dance, shouting at the stressed out bartender for drinks, and waking up in a parking lot the next morning?

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